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Articulation Strategies That Work!

Articulation Strategies That Work!


Price: $69.00





Visual and tactile strategies
to improve speech intelligibility.


Articulation Strategies That Work!
contains an abundance of therapy activities to target /r, s, z, l, f, v, th, sh, ch/. More than elicitation techniques, these strategies are easy for students to understand, remember and use as they learn target sounds and monitor their own performance. Includes visual strategies, CVC word lists, sound bombardment sentences, and minimal pair lists for quick screening, treatment and evaluation. Plus a CD to reproduce materials and a bonus DVD demonstrating placement strategies. Ages K - 8th grade.  Made in the USA. 

Accompanying CD: contains all reproducible pages in the manual in color. Includes consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word lists for each of the sounds, sound bombardment sentences, and minimal pair lists which can be used for quick screenings, treatment, and post-evaluation of progress. Each CVC word list contains a series of age-appropriate words for each of the sounds in initial and final position, including challenge words for older students.

Instructional DVD: Demonstrates placement strategies being taught with student success for all 10 sounds.  Includes video clips of students with both "classic" errors and also more unusual errors.

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AP2008 Video

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This treatment resource provides Speech-Language Pathologists specific articulation strategies that will enable students to accurately produce target sounds consistently and with success. Placement strategies are easy to understand, remember and use for correct production of target sounds and for self-monitoring by students. The placement strategies also address appropriate manner of articulation, airflow and voicing.

How much time is required?

About 10-15 minutes to complete a lesson. 

Additional Photos:

What's Included?

  • Target sounds: /s, z, th, sh, ch, f, v, prevocalic/vocalic r, prevocalic/vocalic l/.
  • Workbook outlining articulation strategies.
  • CD for easy reproduction of workbook strategies and resources.
  • DVD showing instructional video clips for strategies being taught for all included target sounds.


Target Audience:

For SLPs working with students with mild, moderate, or severe articulation disorders. The strategies are also written so that teachers and parents are able to reinforce therapy sessions. Student ages: K - 8th grade.  


Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP, is a trilingual speech-language pathologist and a clinical assistant professor in the field of speech-language pathology. She has extensive experience working with individuals with communication disorders, particularly bilingual children. She has authored numerous eCourses, webinars, articles as well as intervention materials and guides for diverse populations. Her specialized interests include articulation disorders, stuttering, language-literacy, and bilingualism. Many of her resources for SLPs, educators and parents can be found on her personal website The Speech Stop (www.thespeechstop.com). Ana Paula is the author of Articulation Strategies That Work! and the GROW! ¡CREZCA! Speech & Language Books.


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e70 Language Intervention Utilizing Leveled Storybooks
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e71 Bilingual Language Intervention Utilizing Leveled Storybooks
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e80 Increasing Frequency And Intensity of Language Intervention Through Parent Training And Involvement
Ana Paula Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP
0.1 $24.00
e91 Developing a Home Articulation Program for Parents
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e99 High Intensity, High Repetition Articulation Therapy
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e146 Introduction To Telepractice – How To Get Started and Other Considerations
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